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4EverMissingU - Online Memorial GLBT Community
Online Personal Memorials for the GLBT Community where you can chat with others going through a grieving process of losing a loved one. You can create your own memorials online with video upload, voice recording upload,photos, music and have complete control of how your Memorial looks and sounds.Forums, Chat,Grief support,links for legal, medical, health & counseling.

Gay Nudist Community - is the gay nudist community for gay, nudist singles and couples.
HIV gay men dating
Trusted online network dedicated to gay men and bisexual men with HIV positive meeting new friends, partners or potential spouses in the world.

Adult Personals
Most up-to-date adult personals of couples, men, and women seeking new friendships. We now have over 1,700,000 adult personals with over 200,000 nude photos and videos

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Downlow Dating
Site for discreet dating. Straight, Gay, Bisexual, or just curious.Your profile is only visible to other members.

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Purple Roofs GLBT Travel Directory
Gay & Lesbian Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Guesthouses, Hotels, Travel Agents, & Tour Operators

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For Indian gays looking for a quality date, offers a fun, safe online environment to connect with people of your sex - Forum - Chat - News.

Rainbow World Travel offers the Gay and Lesbian Community a comprehensive list of Travel Products and Services departing Europe or Australia.


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