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hey guys im new

hey everyone who reads this im new to this site looking for gay friends and mybe bf want to talk then message me

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hey can you send me pics of you naked and you having sex
hey how old are you u look young and hot not to menssion cute if you want to talk to me send me a message.
Quoting author:
Hi im trevor i just signed up today. youre HOT!

you are hot i will give you that but have you ever been with a virgin gay before here's your's chance that is what make's me different from all the rest
i'm new to this just come out looking for new friend ships possible more
u R SO hot we could me awsm
hello how are youok i am gay man and i want to be friend with you

add me
haha~~~~me too
i want some pics of you plz send me okay ???
i want to grind on you
hey i am too...just started
i want to cuddle u
nice to meet you
hey same guy here send me a picture of you naked
Hi im trevor i just signed up today. youre HOT!