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Posted on Oct 03, 2006 at 09:20 PM

so I finally went back to freddies beach bar and grille in crystal city, Northern VA (Nova). The minute I walked up to the bar, the one bar tender called me fat, then pudgy, who the hell does the bartender thinks he/she is when he/she works for tips! Not only that but then he/she insults the heterosexual couple in the crowd, makes fun of them and decides to not want heteros in his/her bar, well at least not two young ones that are in love, or at least after the bartender tried to hit on the female one and when he/she gets denied the bartender, the bartender decides to cause hell. Sorry, you work in the service industry, you need to treat everyone with respect, even if you do not like that individual. Secondly Freddy, who owns Freddies beach bar and grille is a wonderfull man who doesn't deserve employees who act like such jerks behind his back! His bar was the place to go a few years back, but because of the rudeness of the arrogant staff and the overpriced drinks and food, I will not be back. Although I encourage people to go because it can be a nice time, I will never set foot in such a dispicable and ridiculously arrogant and rude establishment again. My only advice, go if you are on vacation, but if you respect yourself and have your own opinions, avoid freddies beach bar and grille. I know I will! This is just one persons view. Well tonight, 3 peoples. Judge for yourself on how you feel about Freddies beach bar and grille. If you ever go and you are fat, wrinkled, not stereotypically perfect for the bartenders, you will never set foot in there again!

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