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  • Tomazzo ( 29, Gay man / Shanghai, Shanghai )

    Where are you now?i'd like to meet you.Pls see my pic

  • kuchiki_byakuya ( 28, Gay man / Oklahoma City, OK )

    I tend to go for dinner and a movie with a great guy. Im just not a fan of chick flicks

  • Mryoungandready ( 26, Gay man / San Marcos, TX )

    Take me to your room lol sounds like a good date to me

  • Elven_guy ( 33, Gay man / China )

    maybe we should have happy walk and talk along the beach, then we can enjoy the moves

  • eqrollercoaster ( 24, Gay man / Dalton, MN )

    Just spending time with one another. Snuggling a lot and making out. Just anywhere.

  • Jerics ( 52, Gay man / Chandler, AZ )

    Meet in a public place and go to a resturant not mcdonalds and just get to know each other.

  • azdude1986 ( 32, Gay man / Glendale, AZ )

    candlelight dinner sounds nice or just go to the movies and then dinner so we can get to know each other talk.

  • Grim184 ( 25, Gay man / Flat Rock, MI )

    my ideal date would be us going to the show then after taking a walk along the water together

  • brandoneliason ( 23, Gay man / Little Rock, AR ) to ur pace.!

  • Giushgiush ( 41, Gay man / Georgia )

    I love getting minet but don't sometimes like assfucking... i prefer oral sex and i even like kissing

  • Central21soccer ( 28, Gay man / Westerville, OH )

    Going out to dinner and watching a movie

  • yourdaddyishere ( 24, Gay man / Donaldsonville, LA )

    A movie wand then go to house and see where love takes us

  • ricandragonnyc ( 39, Gay man / Brooklyn, NY )

    Go to eat out in a nice place then see a movie and then talk a long walk and talk to see where it goes form their (If lucky i found the right one more dates after that)

  • Bunny4904822 ( 38, Gay man / Butte, MT )

    Just go out somewhere and talk and get to know each other.

  • fabulous27 ( 33, Gay man / Brockville, ON )

    Have them meet my parents first, then go out for dinner then go see a movie and then go for a night time walk and chat down by the water.