First Date Ideas

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  • kissableguy49 ( 29, Gay man / Greenbrier, TN )

    This box is annoying too. If you want to know anything and i mean anything inbox me all questions.

  • yuvraj ( 23, Gay man / India )

    Ooh cmon. I need a date first. As i said i live in india and there are not many good gay people from india on this site.i cannot date just need someone to chat

  • HoughThomas ( 27, Gay man / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )

    I really don't mind what we do! :-) Aslong as we can get to know each other that little bit better, what difference does it make where we go! :-D

  • Lookingforreal ( 23, Gay man / Chesterhill, OH )

    Anything where we can get to know each other and see if we can connect.

  • brian330 ( 40, Gay man / Struthers, OH )

    Hanging out and getting to know each other

  • Chris_1125 ( 24, Gay man / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )

    Restaurants, Walks, Bars, Cinemas or just grabbing a Coffee. I'd prefer to be somewhere where I could get to know my date.

  • mrchavez ( 36, Gay man / Portales, NM )

    My first date can be anywhere. I really don't care exactly just as long as we can be ourselves and have fun.

  • Oniel29 ( 33, Gay man / Miami, FL )

    well i think it will be.... just like in does movies were... u can fell the love deep inside they eyes.... and dont matter if is a rainy day.... everything is just perfect.

  • Alphawolf1011 ( 29, Gay man / Los Angeles, CA )

    Hook up @ your place. For some fun??

  • coumarin ( 28, Gay man / Dundee, IL )

    A nice walk or a dinner somewhere. Movies are always a great first date I have no set idea but im all in for a good time

  • dkarab ( 22, Gay man / Brooklyn, NY )

    Doesnt matter as long as we both enjoy ourselves and learn about each others interests

  • jasonzukker ( 27, Gay man / Horsens, Region Syddanmark )

    It should be about getting to know each other, so place should be irrelevant, but I tend to keep away from restaurants and places like that. It's just too formal. I better like a good walk or stuff like that.

  • Montana2001 ( 37, Gay man / Billings, MT )

    would be to go out, get a drink, coffee, walk, movie, whatever there is to do in this town

  • manuel_cch ( 22, Gay man / Mount Pleasant, TX )

    I want it to be a good night/day, i'd like to go to the movies or the park, maybe later go get something to eat.

  • shannylovey ( 25, Gay man / Chicago, IL )

    When we get so close,then will we go out cos there are some dangerous people out there...Nevertheless,Establishing closeness is one thing,being careful is another