First Date Ideas

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  • Lookingforreal ( 23, Gay man / Chesterhill, OH )

    Anything where we can get to know each other and see if we can connect.

  • brian330 ( 40, Gay man / Struthers, OH )

    Hanging out and getting to know each other

  • Chris_1125 ( 24, Gay man / Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan )

    Restaurants, Walks, Bars, Cinemas or just grabbing a Coffee. I'd prefer to be somewhere where I could get to know my date.

  • mrchavez ( 35, Gay man / Portales, NM )

    My first date can be anywhere. I really don't care exactly just as long as we can be ourselves and have fun.

  • Oniel29 ( 33, Gay man / Miami, FL )

    well i think it will be.... just like in does movies were... u can fell the love deep inside they eyes.... and dont matter if is a rainy day.... everything is just perfect.

  • Alphawolf1011 ( 28, Gay man / Los Angeles, CA )

    Hook up @ your place. For some fun??

  • coumarin ( 27, Gay man / Dundee, IL )

    A nice walk or a dinner somewhere. Movies are always a great first date I have no set idea but im all in for a good time

  • dkarab ( 22, Gay man / Brooklyn, NY )

    Doesnt matter as long as we both enjoy ourselves and learn about each others interests

  • jasonzukker ( 26, Gay man / Horsens, Vejle )

    It should be about getting to know each other, so place should be irrelevant, but I tend to keep away from restaurants and places like that. It's just too formal. I better like a good walk or stuff like that.

  • Montana2001 ( 36, Gay man / Billings, MT )

    would be to go out, get a drink, coffee, walk, movie, whatever there is to do in this town

  • manuel_cch ( 21, Gay man / Mount Pleasant, TX )

    I want it to be a good night/day, i'd like to go to the movies or the park, maybe later go get something to eat.

  • shannylovey ( 24, Gay man / Chicago, IL )

    When we get so close,then will we go out cos there are some dangerous people out there...Nevertheless,Establishing closeness is one thing,being careful is another

  • RaphaelB ( 24, Gay man / São Paulo, Sao Paulo )

    A day in the pool... Or a dinner... Maybe a day in a park with skates... Or watching a random movie for simple kisses in the dark.

  • Sompor ( 22, Gay man / Hayden, ID )

    Pretty much up for anything, I've never been on a date before, though

  • GayRTG ( 24, Gay man / Hanover, PA )

    First we go out to a gay pub or bar, then we eat a little bit of something, go to private place and talk and go even further into it. Then if it comes down to you have to being at my place and sleeping with me when my pa...  read more>>

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