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  • GayNewbey (20Gay Man/Middelburg, Mpumalanga)


    Something unique. And not all the way to the top. Baby steps. Let's just firdt meet and see.

  • bleuskiez (43Gay Man/Louisville, KY)


    A walk on the riverfront, grab a coffee/beer/wine.

  • Francis_777 (22Gay Man/Thatcham, England - Berkshire)


    A muffin and a hot chocolate, or a meal (dislike MacDonalds).

  • sex.

  • Boi9970 (41Gay Man/Rio Rancho, NM)


    Meeting at a local cafe over lunch or drinks.

  • i just want to meet and know each other thats batter for us so let see

  • leodeparis (47Gay Man/Paris, Ile-de-France)


    diner or lunch or sex maybe...

  • gayboy182001 (20Gay Man/Pocatello, ID)


    Coffee or a movie then sitting in the park

  • Triumph88 (25Gay Man/Harrison Township, MI)


    I don't like the movies as a first date, I like anything where we can be somewhat in a private area like a quiet corner of a coffee shoppe or a booth at a food place at an odd hour of the afternoon, a place where we can  more>>

  • singmyheartout (20Gay Man/Lapoint, UT)


    talk to me, talk soft to me, tell me i'm attractive, touch me, kiss me, be awkward with me, have fun!

  • gillenwaters (45Gay Man/Ypsilanti, MI)


    what I have fun doing is eating some soup on a cold day in a resturant to me its more comfortable to chat while warming up inside. Complement one another on what is attractive on a cell phone or whispering it in the ear  more>>

  • tommyjg (38Gay Man/Hope, AR)


    Im and dinner....the zoo....watching a movie on the couch...

  • ront993 (20Gay Man/Rochester, MI)


    I love coffee shops... cliché I know.

  • Very romantic we gistedand gisted,hes cute anyway,he talks alot.i admire his dressing n gesture.his intelligent,caring,cute.i love his perf

  • guyintomball (50Gay Man/Tomball, TX)


    A nice quite dinner so that we can talk and get acquainted and then a movie?

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