First Date Ideas

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  • zhuai1235 ( 25, Gay man / Howick, Auckland )

    I like that please because it is near my home.

  • mayonnaise ( 27, Gay man / Nigeria )

    Very intereting and lively...holding of hands,knowing eachother deeper and romantic....

  • cuastudent ( 26, Gay man / Portland, ME )

    New to the area, but it's always good to meet over coffee. A stress-free environment is good.

  • ColinLooking ( 33, Gay man / Naperville, IL )

    This is gay. I'm not looking for a date. Just a hookup. Don't need or want any bf.

  • Pinkdragon63 ( 54, Gay man / Vancouver, WA )

    Dinner & a movie, maybe a picnic in the park, a day at the beach or the river. Walking along the waterfront & people watchong.

  • justme0413 ( 44, Gay man / Los Angeles, CA )

    No pressure meeting between people. A little chat to get more acquainted with each other.

  • aloneagain1 ( 56, Gay man / Miami, FL )

    A first date may be somewhere we can just talk and get to know each other. Nothing fancy, just a coffee shop or somewhere quiet.

  • Mark9920 ( 60, Gay man / Tulsa, OK )

    Meeting at an inconspicuos public place such as a reputable eating establishment sounds good to me. It doesn't have to be over a five course meal, though. Just somewhere we can easily meet and get to know one another bet...  read more>>

  • jeffcloud9 ( 32, Gay man / Malaysia )

    Warm, friendly, easy going, humor

  • Hans_De_Vil ( 39, Gay man / Quito, Pichincha )

    Just go around and see what could happen

  • IsaacGrimm ( 24, Gay man / Lacygne, KS )

    Ok i suck at dates not gonna lie. honestly the best thing would just be hanging out at a coffee shop talking.

  • Rjalowe4444 ( 22, Gay man / Dartmouth, NS )

    Just grab a coffee somewhere and get to know each other

  • coolesam ( 34, Gay man / maine, Stockholms Lan )

    l am always happy at any given condition or situation, l have fear of God and l take things of God very seriously.

  • Lvrunner2010 ( 29, Gay man / North Providence, RI )

    Start off with something casual like maybe meet for a drink at a coffee shop?

  • enigmatic2000 ( 33, Gay man / Delft, Zuid-Holland )

    Coffee at a cafe? or Anything that facilitates easy and focused conversation?