First Date Ideas

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  • Padi25 ( 26, Gay man / Dublin, Dublin )

    WOuld be nice to go for a coffee, perhaps for a walk..

  • Tatface ( 39, Gay man / Atlanta, GA )

    Just no expectations, its all new and diff in person so who knows how it will go, don't like being stuck or committed just meeting someone 1st time especially, no pressure and 20 questions back and forth is cool lol... g...  read more>>

  • Matthew2411 ( 34, Gay man / Dublin, Dublin )

    I like yo get to know someone over a coffee or a drink.

  • mnmone13 ( 46, Gay man / Nashville, TN )

    First date...somewhere quite so we can talk and get to know each other...romantic too!

  • Sparicou ( 25, Gay man / Pune, Maharashtra )

    A good conversation over a mochachillo

  • Dmention ( 41, Gay man / Chicago, IL )

    I like the first date to be more about our conversation than what we are doing. e.g. I prefer to look at and listen to you rather than a movie.

  • lawrenceHkr ( 39, Gay man / United Kingdom )

    maybe go out for a meal, cinema, take it from there.

  • dadyyy89 ( 51, Gay man / Jacksonville, NC )

    Well it's kind of hard to say what you want for a first date if you want to get to know somebody have some coffee but if you want to get to know me intimately stay in the bedroom

  • jchn81 ( 35, Gay man / San Jose, CA )

    Meet up and chat. Get to know each other in person.

  • Alexc111 ( 59, Gay man / Waynesboro, VA )

    Spend quiet time and conversation over coffee.

  • jjjkkkllll ( 22, Gay man / Ottsville, PA )

    Going out to dinner, or just talking to get to know one another.

  • kasper2000 ( 35, Gay man / Alberton, Eastern Cape )

    In a public place have dinner by candle light, after that take walk and continue the chat

  • WillM713 ( 22, Gay man / Richmond, VA )

    I don't even know. I've never actually been on a real date. I would think a Cafe would be a good place because...well it's a cafe- can't really go wrong with those.

  • Arthurian ( 30, Gay man / Navojoa, Sonora )

    Meet and go to a nice place such a cafe or park and talk.

  • Tony94 ( 22, Gay man / Lawrence Township, NJ )

    First dates are usually awkward, so I would want it to be easy and casual... We would meet up at a cafe or diner and just eat (separate checks) and we would just talk. Plain and simple.