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  • Twin92 ( 22Gay Man / Lexington, KY )


    we would watch a scary movie. I would huddled close to you. Eating popcorn and sharing a extra large drink. Making out the whole movie! lol. After the movie we would end the night taking body shots or licking chocolate s  more>>

  • BruceS93 ( 22Gay Man / Bristol, CT )


    You will just have to find out.

  • Lunarray ( 23Gay Man / Newport News, VA )


    my idea of a first date is i would take my date any restraunt they want to go to and any movie they want then when the sun is setting a walk on the beach.

  • Suubra ( 23Gay Man / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    An evening spent watching a movie is never wasted :)

  • james51 ( 21Gay Man / Norwich, England - Norfolk )


    could meet up somewhere hang out and maybe more

  • mjfan87 ( 21Gay Man / Fremont, CA )


    I would like to go to the movies, or go out to eat, I'm not really into fancy restaurants, I would rather go somewhere where they have hamburgers :) but I'll be fine anywhere. I we can play video games then that would be  more>>

  • Ask_Alexander21 ( 25Gay Man / Fredonia, WI )


    Take me out to dinner :) I really don't care what we do as long as we can hangout and get to know each other.

  • Giovany112 ( 22Gay Man / Kings Beach, CA )



  • Tomazzo ( 26Gay Man / Shanghai, Shanghai )


    Where are you now?i'd like to meet you.Pls see my pic

  • kuchiki_byakuya ( 25Gay Man / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I tend to go for dinner and a movie with a great guy. Im just not a fan of chick flicks

  • Mryoungandready ( 23Gay Man / San Marcos, TX )


    Take me to your room lol sounds like a good date to me

  • Elven_guy ( 30Gay Man / China )


    maybe we should have happy walk and talk along the beach, then we can enjoy the moves

  • eqrollercoaster ( 22Gay Man / Dalton, MN )


    Just spending time with one another. Snuggling a lot and making out. Just anywhere.

  • Jerics ( 49Gay Man / Chandler, AZ )


    Meet in a public place and go to a resturant not mcdonalds and just get to know each other.

  • azdude1986 ( 29Gay Man / Glendale, AZ )


    candlelight dinner sounds nice or just go to the movies and then dinner so we can get to know each other talk.

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