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  • RNoveletto ( 50Gay Man / Rio Do Sul, Santa Catarina )


    I'd that will be at an open air event, not in a gay club, besides, in a park, with people running, walking, seated reading a book. And around lunch 'cause Th the excuses of been hunger, we will seat in a restaurant with  more>>

  • serenity54 ( 61Gay Man / Pittsburgh, PA )


    My idea of a first to meet downtown at the Point on a beautiful sunny day, go to Station Square for lunch or dinner, and share what we might have in common, and what our views are about a companion/relationshi  more>>

  • MNTN73 ( 42Gay Man / Cobden, IL )


    I would enjoy going to a nice restaurant for a first date.

  • jos3xx137 ( 23Gay Man / Santa Fe, NM )


    anywhere you want....

  • ms9999 ( 52Gay Man / Decatur, GA )


    First date might be to meet for lunch or a coffee to see what our chemistry is.

  • GrayWolf2000 ( 30Gay Man / Ginew, MB )


    How about we go for a walk by the river getting to know eachother from there

  • imarc70 ( 44Gay Man / Cremorne, New South Wales )


    Well if your going to ask me out or except my invitation. It's not where we go. It's not what we eat. It's not that you don't mind be dropped home to relax without me. Our date will ge special because the start will be p  more>>

  • lover1232001 ( 23Gay Man / Chula Vista, CA )


    i love to go to the mall and movies

  • al2011 ( 55Gay Man / Rancho Mirage, CA )


    I have never done this before and always met past guys through friends. So, my first date would probably be lunch somewhere nice for an initial contact then see where it goes from there.

  • Xela424 ( 22Gay Man / Minneapolis, MN )


    Go to Old Country Buffet and I'll pay, then eat and chat, then go back to either his house or my house and chill and possibly get naked if he wants to.

  • bjc815 ( 55Gay Man / Stillman Valley, IL )


    A nice casual lunch to start, getting-to-know-you chat, see if we like each other, and if we hit it off, continue seeing each other and see where things lead us.

  • orcoastal ( 49Gay Man / Lakeview, OR )


    A first date I would enjoy would be meeting at the bowling alley, enjoying food and playing a game or three.

  • flipflopsdude ( 35Gay Man / Anaheim, CA )


    Dinner, and find place to chat, and walk like a beach. I have a Disneyland pass, so going there would be cool too. Going out to a restaurant, or a picnic lunch in the park would be extra cool.

  • cutehottie ( 42Gay Man / Lake Havasu City, AZ )


    All my first dates are simple "meet and greets" and must be in a very public place. We could just have a nice lattee or metropolitan and see if we have any chemistry and go from there. I am NOT interested in "one nighter  more>>

  • stansg ( 29Gay Man / Santa Clara, CA )


    on a sunny day, lunch outdoor. silly wondering around the city.

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