First Date Ideas

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  • JohnnyWarhol ( 25, Gay man / Calgary, AB )

    I'm pretty open when it comes to the idea of a first date. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a "date", if you feel that we'd be pretty awesome friends, let me know and we can plan a hangout, and chill at t...  read more >>

  • VA_NastyNate ( 25, Gay man / Norfolk, VA )

    Do not really have a set idea for a first date! But I liked to be surprised! ;)

  • kewldude1991 ( 25, Gay man / Gilmer, TX )

    Going out for dinner, taking a walk, maybe lay under the stars and talking. Anything simple to get to know each other.

  • peter21sp ( 27, Gay man / York, ON )

    Depends on where do we want to go,i usually have fun going to malls,or going out for a walk with friends...

  • Cody_Nelson61 ( 25, Gay man / Clermont, FL )

    Beaches movies trips out of town mall night clubs Do whatever you like to do dinner coffe ice skating

  • deleestalon ( 29, Gay man / Ikeja, Lagos )

    Well I'm not a choosy person. I will definitely comply with your standard. I respect each person's class.

  • tomtom01 ( 25, Gay man / Lubbock, TX )

    Going anywhere to get to know that person

  • Junior4111 ( 47, Gay man / Phoenix, AZ )

    An ideal first date would be somewhere quiet where we could talk and get to know each other, whether that be a picnic or coffee or dinner. I don't think a first date needs to be or even should be an extravagant event.

  • WantingaBF ( 56, Gay man / Denver, CO )

    A first meeting would be in a casual setting for coffee or a walk in the park.. Let's break the ground and get to know each other.

  • lovecatalot ( 35, Gay man / Pretoria North, Gauteng )

    Well who knows, let's make contact and we can decide together

  • michaelangelomap ( 40, Gay man / Orlando, FL )

    Movie, Dinner, Walk, Drinks, Conversation

  • michaelyo123 ( 24, Gay man / San Jose, CA )

    Hang out ... maybe watch a movie. Or just go with the flow.

  • centuryCENTRAL ( 37, Gay man / canberra, Australian Capital Territory )

    maybe a bite 2 eat and movie what do you say

  • ChrisQVW ( 24, Gay man / Dublin, GA )

    What ever he wants to do, i'm not a picky person in that area. I just want him to have a nice time.

  • dreamerboi89 ( 28, Gay man / Fort Atkinson, WI )

    Surprise me! It don't take much if u can make me havefun while doing anything it's all good... Just have fun lol!!