First Date Ideas

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  • Jayltrav ( 43, Gay man / Cleveland, OH )

    Anything and everything! Everything and anything! Open to all!

  • DaydreamKid ( 24, Gay man / Durban, KwaZulu-Natal )

    There are so many places to go to......

  • qwerty2023 ( 23, Gay man / Singapore )

    nothing much just a walk or a nice meal will do

  • NicciSweet ( 21, Gay man / Cottonwood, AZ )

    why don't you surprise me.. :D

  • Lukipela ( 33, Gay man / Durban, KwaZulu-Natal )

    This might be impractical where I live but a bonfire on the beach or a stroll along the beachfront works for me,no need to spend loads of cash to have a amazing time

  • Nolan19 ( 27, Gay man / Paris, Ile-de-France )

    walk on the beach or go to the ciné of restaurant...

  • sjklanke ( 48, Gay man / Hillsdale, MI )

    Take life as it goes. I would like to just have a connection with you and have fun no matter what we do. We can discuss it:)

  • stevemel57 ( 61, Gay man / Sheffield, England - South Yorkshire )

    Have a meal together with wine, talk about our likes and dislikes ad what we have done with our lives thus far, and talk about the places we've visited. Feel comfortable together with each other and snuggle on the couch...  read more>>

  • JohnnyWarhol ( 24, Gay man / Calgary, AB )

    I'm pretty open when it comes to the idea of a first date. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a "date", if you feel that we'd be pretty awesome friends, let me know and we can plan a hangout, and chill at t...  read more>>

  • VA_NastyNate ( 24, Gay man / Norfolk, VA )

    Do not really have a set idea for a first date! But I liked to be surprised! ;)

  • kewldude1991 ( 24, Gay man / Gilmer, TX )

    Going out for dinner, taking a walk, maybe lay under the stars and talking. Anything simple to get to know each other.

  • peter21sp ( 25, Gay man / York, ON )

    Depends on where do we want to go,i usually have fun going to malls,or going out for a walk with friends...

  • Cody_Nelson61 ( 24, Gay man / Clermont, FL )

    Beaches movies trips out of town mall night clubs Do whatever you like to do dinner coffe ice skating

  • deleestalon ( 28, Gay man / Ikeja, Lagos )

    Well I'm not a choosy person. I will definitely comply with your standard. I respect each person's class.

  • tomtom01 ( 23, Gay man / Lubbock, TX )

    Going anywhere to get to know that person

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