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  • Ducalion ( 26, Gay man / Virginia Beach, VA )

    I'm open to anything really, not picky

  • warrenisfun ( 23, Gay man / San Antonio, TX )

    walk at the beach have a lot of fun have sex stay together

  • MattNew1 ( 21, Gay man / Hutto, TX )

    i like to just hang out and have

  • stef77 ( 40, Gay man / Cayman Islands )

    I like the outdoors... a walk on the beach or just chilling at the beach. after 5 pm close to the sunset, the best part if the day in my opinion.

  • Blake92 ( 25, Gay man / Pretoria, Gauteng )

    If you want to impress me do something new. I love out of the box ideas.

  • Draftertim1 ( 24, Gay man / Hope Valley, RI )

    Go out for dinner, a walk on the beach at sunset, and then go and do something fun like bowling. I love going bowling

  • Simmermon ( 22, Gay man / Kansas City, MO )

    So I just like random romantic "sweep you off your feet" kinda thing...

  • atownmaster585 ( 28, Gay man / Rochester, NY )

    I don't know yet just ask me and we will talk about than.

  • yamishikun ( 24, Gay man / Quaker Hill, CT )

    A totally sweet game of one on one frisbee golf around campus. Maybe lunch/dinner afterwards?

  • jklavz ( 23, Gay man / Woodville, OH )

    I think for a first date, playing a few games and getting a little competitive with someone is a fun way to get to know each other. Maybe go out to dinner afterwords somewhere out of the average.

  • softspoken ( 24, Gay man / Houston, TX )

    My first date he took me to dinner we ate and talked it was really romantical lol. So was he, the night ended up with a night cap we talked and cuddlebthe whole night :)

  • asiantwink20 ( 26, Gay man / Atherton, CA )

    maybe a giants game lol wouldnt mind going to a party...or maybe just a dinner lol not a big relationship person

  • Gephrey ( 37, Gay man / Springboro, OH )

    Let's do something different. Something besides dinner and a movie.

  • andrespayne ( 25, Gay man / Miami, FL )

    My first date idea is to go to a shopping mall with my partner and spend a couple of hours with him and get to know him better. My other first date idea is meet up at a park, have a picnic, play his or my favorite sport...  read more >>

  • dolce_boy ( 37, Gay man / Toronto, ON )

    How about some shopping? Or gym