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  • mattyznn ( 24, Gay man / Costa Mesa, CA )

    Go out to dinner and talk about r self

  • RafaDmy ( 22, Gay man / Edmonton, AB )

    Going for a dine in sharing each other life stories while enjoying a great food.

  • ju5t1n0025 ( 27, Gay man / Madisonville, KY )

    Everyone always says a dinner and a movie but I say we take a nice walk through the park or ride around just talking and getting to know each other maybe hit a restaurant for a bite to eat but mostly just talk and maybe...  read more >>

  • JDowling79 ( 38, Gay man / San Francisco, CA )

    I so very much want to feel the mist and the rain under the sequoia trees of Yosemite, just for once. And to be kissed under that.

  • TakeMeWithU ( 52, Gay man / Beaufort, SC )

    I think a cool first date that would make a difference would involve finding a volunteer activity that speaks to both persons interests and also does something nice for others. It could be something like working with kid...  read more >>

  • Shikhar ( 23, Gay man / India )

    In my first day my guy must kiss me a lot then take my clothes of slowly ans we start having sex

  • nosaj81 ( 36, Gay man / Savannah, GA )

    Dinner and a nice long walk on the beach

  • Dopey_Dope ( 26, Gay man / Tucson, AZ )

    Movies, dinner, coffee, you surprise me! Open to anything

  • Powerlove2000 ( 29, Gay man / Detroit, MI )

    a perfect date will be to have drinks dinner enjoy ourselves. make it a very special night take a nice long walk or ride. and just enjoy the values of life.

  • JordanLee ( 26, Gay man / Virginia Beach, VA )

    It doesn't matter where or when. Court me and make it real and special.

  • Gummy_Bear ( 25, Gay man / Fairview, TN )

    -Holding hands in a movie theater or wrapping his arm around me.<3 -going out to eat. sit across from eachother so we can look at each other while we eat :) -Play video games and cuddle up watching movies xD

  • Orangutn ( 28, Gay man / Phoenix, AZ )

    Eating in the outside patio of any chain food store, consumed by darkness. Have the the echo of our laughter flowing through our souls.

  • UniquePleasure ( 37, Gay man / McAlester, OK )

    Dinner, a movie, walking and talking, night clubs (str8 or gay), and anything else that would set you apart from the rest. Surprise me, I'm always seeking to encounter something new.......

  • leedsfrenchlad ( 44, Gay man / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )

    Meeting somewhere for 1 or more drinks before exploring each other...

  • Doc_Crow ( 58, Gay man / Meridian, MS )

    Friends: A friendly gathering at the beach, house party or local pub, a game of billiards and a good beer. A guided tour of your fair city. Date: Meet at a local bookstore for coffee/tea to get to know one another a bit...  read more >>