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Posted on Thu, Feb 02, 2006 06:40

Ok, so I went to Vegas last weekend to visit my sister who got knocked up. I bought her some fabulous things and had a great time, but when I checked into my hotel room, they had upgraded me to a suite with a private entrance to the pool and jacuzzi. So I was like, wow that is pretty cool. Anyways this si the only gay hotel in Vegas so I felt right at home, especially with the 5 channels of porn which got me excited, even more so after 5 drinks and it was dark out and I was ready to go shopping and bar hopping. I proceed to watch one and get all worked up so I decide to take care of something (preclub birth control), and when I finished I figured I would be scandalous and jump into the hottub. That might sounds gross, but this is a gay hotel people, I am very sure that has been in there before. Anyways so I proceed to open my door and there is a group of about 15 men standing outside my personal entrance and they begin to clap. So I look behind me and sure enough, the curtains acted as a two way mirror. When the room is lit up and it is dark outside, you can see directly though, however I could only see a solid curtain. So I decided to do the only thing a proper gay man in this situation in Vegas can do. I took a bow and asked for tips. hahaha This is a true story and I have a picture someone took to prove it LOL. TTYS everyone

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Posted on Thu, Feb 18, 2010 08:29

U look so cute and sexy

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