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Posted on May 23, 2009 at 10:01 PM

bord at job cor, hopefully tomaro will begood w/ no lumps.(stress,yelling,misunderstanding,injurys,in culinary ats tranning..hope to hear from devope a relationship..or more

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Posted on Jul 08, 2009 at 12:47 AM

Hi guy what's up? I know this is an old blog but we have something in common, I too have been the culinary route, been to the school, won the prizes, finished the course with honors,made the new friends, had the good times and some not so good. Then I worked in my first restaurant and after all my training, all my hard eared skills, the cut and burned fingers, the rivers of sweat that came running freely down my brow from the heat of several ranges, ovens, steam kettles and broilers had not prepared me for a normal working kitchen in a busy restaurant. I hated it with a passion and have never worked in a restaurant since. What I can do now is cook with big pots and I can turn out a fine meal on a hotplate, toaster oven and microwave and can guarantee that you'll come back for seconds, maybe thirds if your greedy. I can also turn out multiple course meals for fifty people or more by myself, it's not hard, lots of work but not hard. So you stick to it you pretty much have to grin an bear it, people like to see those smilin faces for some reason. Me, I still work in the service industry but now I'm the boss and pretty much get my own way in things. I have to work with people who are drunk or stoned or both, all with an overweening sense of their own importance although in the course of my job everyday I have learned that most of these really important people I deal with, "DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLUSH THE TOILET" after they use the bathroom. Nowadays I am able to build a pretty mean bathroom or kitchen from scratch as well as cook up a fine meal when I'm done and I even get to kick people out of the place I work. OOOh!! I'm going to make someone a wonderful housewife someday,,,,wait a minute.......been there done that and I hated it. It really sucked eventually but that's another story, Bye Bye for now. Hope I get to seak to you again sometime. Give yourself a big hug for me, toodles.

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