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Posted on Jan 31, 2006 at 12:00 PM

Ok so I have this job that I absolutely love. I am the director of marketing for a company that I enjoy working for. However they are downsizing and wanted me to fire some people. I said no and resigned so I have to search for a new job in a few weeks so that they could afford to keep the employees who I was supposed to fire on and they can support their families. It was amazing that I did something so thoughtless and generous and it will probably not happen again for a while. Anyways so now I am still working and they want to contract me until I find something different. It seems like the companies that want me are all far away from DC. I'm sorry I really do not want to live in the little crap hole Austin Texas. That was by far one of the most horrible places I have ever lived. I just turned down a dream job because it was located there. Uchhh Anyways this is a boring and annoying post but I just wanted to kvetch for a moment. I swear my posts will get better and funnier.

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