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Posted on Thu, Feb 09, 2006 10:50

So I am part of a social group and have set up meetings at freddies beach bar and grill in crystal city and off the crystal city metro stop in washington dc every wenesday where we show up 6:30 ish and stay till we all get trashed or tired or find someone hahaha. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. Last night I remembered something funny that happened. I was talking to a new member of the group who was having fun with the $2.00 sky vodka drinks with me which are available all night and I proceeded to tell everyone my spanish department store story. I whe time so I went was shopping at a major retail store when this woman walked up to me frantically asking for directions like she was about to die or some bullshit. Anyways her lipstick and fashion sense definitely let me know that she was deserate, however I was busy pleasing my own retail needs at the time, so I told her I did not speak spanish and I pointed her to a security guard in the store and told her that he looks like he is from latino decent and that he could probably assist her with any needs or concerns she might have. I also told her that I did not work in the store and was trying to enjoy myself and relax so please ask him. Well, I turned away and started shopping again and when I looked back she was staring at me confused, then I realized why. I had explained all of that in spanish while I said I did not know a word. She looked soo confused and I almost felt bad and walked over to her, but I tripped over a pair of D&G jeans which happened to be my size and on sale. So needless to say, she could survive living to her 40s, she could ask the security guard for help. The moral of the story is if you blatently ignore someone while shopping, karma might make you fall on your face, but the rewards are worth it!

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Posted on Thu, Apr 24, 2008 10:52

Thanks to you, this is a great social happening and opens the door for you and your friends to make new friends and since it is on neutral grounds you can be nice and move on if the new arrival is not on the same page as you are! Keep up the good times and if we are in the area we'll look forward to making new friends. Don't pay any attention to what Dr. Phil might say lol I'll take a sky high martini lol shaken not stirred! Don in Evansville,Indiana

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Posted on Fri, Mar 16, 2007 20:02

hey are u in pa i wanna have sex!

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