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Freddies beach bar and grill Posted on Oct 03, 2006 at 09:20 PM
so I finally went back to freddies beach bar and grille in crystal city, Northern VA (Nova). The minute I walked up to the bar, the one bar tender called me fat, then pudgy, who the hell does the bartender thinks he/she is when he/she works for tips! Not only that but then he/she insults the heterosexual couple in the crowd, makes fun of them and decides to not want heteros in his/her bar, well at least not two young ones that are in love, or at least after the bartender tried to hit on the female one and when he/she gets denied the bartender, the bartender decides to cause hell. Sorry, you work in the service industry, you need to treat everyone with respect, even if you do not like that individual. Secondly Freddy, who owns Freddies beach bar and grille is a wonderfull man who doesn't deserve employees who act like such jerks behind his back! His bar was the place to go a few years back, but because of the rudeness of the arrogant staff and the overpriced drinks and food, I will not be back. Although I encourage people to go because it can be a nice time, I will never set foot in such a dispicable and ridiculously arrogant and rude establishment again. My only advice, go if you are on vacation, but if you respect yourself and have your own opinions, avoid freddies beach bar and grille. I know I will! This is just one persons view. Well tonight, 3 peoples. Judge for yourself on how you feel about Freddies beach bar and grille. If you ever go and you are fat, wrinkled, not stereotypically perfect for the bartenders, you will never set foot in there again!
Bars flat Posted on Mar 13, 2006 at 06:10 PM
So I am bitter as hell. I do not even know why I bother going to bars. I don;t like them, I do not like drinking cheap liquor and bad wine, also who the hell cares what your wearing. Yes I normally buy D&G or DKNY however I do not wear the clothing with it plastered all over it. Who the hell do people think they are? The people that get drun each night at the local bar and comment about how pathectic everyone else is. Do they not see that their lives live in a bar and they really have nothing to live for. Yes I am one of those people when I am at the bar, but wow, it is really pathectic to go somewhere and see people talking about the same thing they were talking about 1 year ago. I am soo glad I stopped going to bars a while ago. BTW we moved the freddies happy hour to a better and new location due to a very rude server. I would highly recommend a bar in dupont or somewhere else. Freddies can be a nice place, it just is not for me. Also, just because I meet with some friends on wenesdays, does not mean I drink each wenesday. The last three times I only had water. =0)
Freddies Beach Bar Posted on Feb 09, 2006 at 10:50 AM
So I am part of a social group and have set up meetings at freddies beach bar and grill in crystal city and off the crystal city metro stop in washington dc every wenesday where we show up 6:30 ish and stay till we all get trashed or tired or find someone hahaha. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. Last night I remembered something funny that happened. I was talking to a new member of the group who was having fun with the $2.00 sky vodka drinks with me which are available all night and I proceeded to tell everyone my spanish department store story. I whe time so I went was shopping at a major retail store when this woman walked up to me frantically asking for directions like she was about to die or some bullshit. Anyways her lipstick and fashion sense definitely let me know that she was deserate, however I was busy pleasing my own retail needs at the time, so I told her I did not speak spanish and I pointed her to a security guard in the store and told her that he looks like he is from latino decent and that he could probably assist her with any needs or concerns she might have. I also told her that I did not work in the store and was trying to enjoy myself and relax so please ask him. Well, I turned away and started shopping again and when I looked back she was staring at me confused, then I realized why. I had explained all of that in spanish while I said I did not know a word. She looked soo confused and I almost felt bad and walked over to her, but I tripped over a pair of D&G jeans which happened to be my size and on sale. So needless to say, she could survive living to her 40s, she could ask the security guard for help. The moral of the story is if you blatently ignore someone while shopping, karma might make you fall on your face, but the rewards are worth it!
My Book Posted on Feb 08, 2006 at 06:43 AM
So anyways, I have decided to begin writing my forst book. The name etc is underwraps but will be fabulous. Instead of doing my fun book at about wierd and strange things that have happened and with my family like my uncle being attacked by random blind people, being thrown out of the MGM grand buffet for eating too much, my mom drowning a bat mitzvah, my grandma getting into a pretzel with my two aunts and mom at Niagara Falls and the security guards having to reassemble them, This book is about thinking outside the box and creative strategy for businesses and individuals who needs to spark some creative strategy within their lives. I am very excited about this project and will update all of you when it is in full gear. Also tommorows posting is a good one. Some funny things happend before going on my way to the forum. Love Me,
Good News Tuesdays Posted on Feb 07, 2006 at 02:08 PM
Hello Hello, Good news for me, I have two companies asking me to join them and I have accepted an offer. It is not only a pay raise, but I will be able to travel and hire myself an assistant. Yay for me. I'll give a more serious, in depth or funny post tommorow. ;-) Love me, Adam
Posted on Feb 06, 2006 at 07:29 PM
Go Steelers!
Why ca n;t I keep my mouth shut Posted on Feb 04, 2006 at 12:19 PM
So anyways, I went to an interview and the company did not choose me. They took another person who had 6 or 7 years more experience. Anyways, I really like the company and the job. They called me back last week and asked me to come back in because the other guy wanted too much money, I wish I could have just been excited instead of saying what are my chances of actually getting the job. Anyways wish me luck on my interview this week.
10 little secrets Posted on Feb 03, 2006 at 05:48 AM
10. I like to sing showtunes while I am using the restroom. 9. My old Louis Vuitton wallet was fake. 8. I am a closeted sports fan 7. I am routing for the Steelers this weekend 6. Bloody Mary's are my favorite drink, not martinis 5. I had sex with a woman once 4. I could not get off 3. I hooked up with one of my best female friends boyfriends. 2. 5 times =0( 1. I have never seen steal magnolias.
My standing ovation in Vegas Posted on Feb 02, 2006 at 06:40 AM
Ok, so I went to Vegas last weekend to visit my sister who got knocked up. I bought her some fabulous things and had a great time, but when I checked into my hotel room, they had upgraded me to a suite with a private entrance to the pool and jacuzzi. So I was like, wow that is pretty cool. Anyways this si the only gay hotel in Vegas so I felt right at home, especially with the 5 channels of porn which got me excited, even more so after 5 drinks and it was dark out and I was ready to go shopping and bar hopping. I proceed to watch one and get all worked up so I decide to take care of something (preclub birth control), and when I finished I figured I would be scandalous and jump into the hottub. That might sounds gross, but this is a gay hotel people, I am very sure that has been in there before. Anyways so I proceed to open my door and there is a group of about 15 men standing outside my personal entrance and they begin to clap. So I look behind me and sure enough, the curtains acted as a two way mirror. When the room is lit up and it is dark outside, you can see directly though, however I could only see a solid curtain. So I decided to do the only thing a proper gay man in this situation in Vegas can do. I took a bow and asked for tips. hahaha This is a true story and I have a picture someone took to prove it LOL. TTYS everyone
boss is out of town Posted on Feb 01, 2006 at 06:08 AM
Anyways, So I went to a couple of happy hours to relieve the pains of the day. Well apparently I decided to relieve a bit too much pain and ended up at Freddies in Crystal City singing some karaoke. Now that might be somewhat normal for me, but when this lovely large and in charge grrl took my song, nahhh uhhh, In my wonderfully inebriated state, I casually grabbed the mic and in pure Courntey Love fashion proceeded to yell what the f*ck. That is soo my song, this is bullshit hahahha. It was actually kind of a funny scene, and no my life is normally not that dramatic. So anyways here is the point of this entry, my boss is out of town which means I am free to work and play around abit and the best part about it is a group I belong too is having a happy hour at Titan Bar so I get to rest up and kill my hangover at work, walk 2 miles to Titan so I can miss the gym, look at some hot guys (one in particular who is coming) and start lastnight all over again then work from home on Thursday. If anyone else is in the area, stop on by. Also, I swear my entries will become more interesting.
The Depressed Post Begins Posted on Jan 31, 2006 at 12:00 PM
Ok so I have this job that I absolutely love. I am the director of marketing for a company that I enjoy working for. However they are downsizing and wanted me to fire some people. I said no and resigned so I have to search for a new job in a few weeks so that they could afford to keep the employees who I was supposed to fire on and they can support their families. It was amazing that I did something so thoughtless and generous and it will probably not happen again for a while. Anyways so now I am still working and they want to contract me until I find something different. It seems like the companies that want me are all far away from DC. I'm sorry I really do not want to live in the little crap hole Austin Texas. That was by far one of the most horrible places I have ever lived. I just turned down a dream job because it was located there. Uchhh Anyways this is a boring and annoying post but I just wanted to kvetch for a moment. I swear my posts will get better and funnier.