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What's going on here? Posted on Apr 04, 2006 at 04:37 PM
Why do all you guys post messages on your profile that you are "just an average nice guy looking for some companionship from other average nice guys", yet when someone, like me - an average nice guy - writes, there's no response? Not even a gracious decline. Why take the time and trouble to get on this site and not use it? Who are you gentlemen looking forward to hearing from, George Clooney? This is all very discouraging. I'm not weird. I'm not great looking, but I am clean cut, well groomed, nicely dressed, intelligent, funny as hell, and a great conversationalist. I'm also very kind, generous, sympathetic, and dependable. I guess none of this matters in the age of perfect looks. It's sort of sad that, while gays talk of discrimination, there are no people more shallow and facile than a lot of you. I just don't get it.