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Bluzeniths musing Posted on Apr 02, 2007 at 10:01 PM
hmm so new to this place, anyone who actualy take the time to read this, i.e. isn't looking for a quick shag via the pic (we all know we've been there), will have probably have read my profile and realized that looking for friends, pals etc. For a completely different note, how wierd is it that there has been so much seismic activity on the western side ofthe ring of fire this last fortnight! Anyone here a geologist? I remember reading a fantastic article about general crustul shift, it being a theory thatthe earths crust can shift, all at once or quite quickly in stages, a ripple so to speak, and that was waht ended the last ice age. Bizzare theory I know but when I read it, it made sense. Anyway any lightworkers out there ping me!